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Nov 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
delays for travelo city. >> 50% of the flights have been affected by the weather. so patience is key. keep an eye on timing. >> sfo is expect 3% growth and passenger volume over last people, waiting around. 4.7 million californians expected to hit the road sm. rethinking plans with storms that are approaching. >> i'm scared because people driveqp crazy. i do slow down a lot. visibility is not that great. i'm afraid when i see cars slipping out. >> the patrol is urging patience and planning. >> take your time. and be patient. we want to you leave early. check road conditions. you may be going half hour away from home or traveling four, five hours, check road conditions before you leave. >> weather caused cancellation of 50 flights. so called puddle jumpers so cities near bay. more delays ahead. at san francisco international airport, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton is now in the middle east hoping to help negotiate an end to the week of fighting between israel and hamas militants. she met with israel prime minister netanyahu. >> all must be ad
Nov 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
of meeting as louing community members to tell city kg.!at they want in a new chief. current chief chris moore is stepping down after a challenging two years on the job marked by resource cuts and a rise in violent crime. the meeting is at 6:30 at the community center. >> a jewelry store owner fired a two armed men who stormed into the shop this morning in a strip mall at story and king road around 10:is a. a manhunt is now ton for two men. wayne freedman will have more in a live report coming up on abc news tonight at 6:00. >> san francisco general hospital is joining laigs of those suing los angeles dodgers and former owner over the beating of brian stow. the hospital asking for $1.2 kblinl to cover the cost of providing extensive brain trauma care. stow was beaten by two men outside dodger stadium following 2011 season opener against the giants. >> we know what sparked this fight on black friday. women's under wear. we showed you this video on friday. a fight started at a victoria's secret, turns out two women were arguing over discounted under wear and started throwing punches and th
Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
are helping the city weather storm drains in the neighborhood. it's part of an adopt a thought program. keeping storm drains clear of debris helps the city focus on critical storm-related problems such as downed trees. one volunteer says she got involved because drains in the neighborhood were in bad shape. >> they need to be cleaned. and people are just dumping trash here, they're just flowing to the side. >> we had to get involved. in harin county this is what it looked like at mount tamalpais this morning just before noon. you can see strong winds, and plenty of rain. abc 7 news continues a storm coverage live in mill valley tonight. >> i will tell you it's coming down hard, dan. it was very windy as well. of course, ground right now is saturated and that is not a good thing given the fact there are more storms approaching. falling leaves block this storm drain. a crew working in heavy rains to clear it this, is a a.voided major flooding in an area known for heavy traffic. the high tides came around 10:00 flooding the park and ride lot in mill valley. signs warned drivers of other f
Nov 23, 2012 4:00pm PST
cloud free skies now. it's been another mild day. readings in mid to upper 60s. 68 in redwood city. 66 on the coast. and this is our first forecast. turn cooler in fact will be chilly with sunny skies we'll see patchy of fog in valleys low temperatures into upper 30s in north bay valleys overnight, tomorrow afternoon, mild again, milder than today as a matter of fact. highs from mid to upper of 0s on the coast to low 70s around the bay and inland. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you so much, spencer, still ahead at 4:00 black friday deals weren't the only thing that had people standing in line today. why it was a good day for giants fans.. >> battle for holiday dollars. how a new tax on internet purchases changed a playing field. >> cutting the cord when it comes to music, taking a look at wireless speakers and impact on audio quality. >> looking at the skyway, head together east bay, left to right, just fine. better than you'd expect on a weekday. it's a holiday for many people. but congested on the ride side of the screen stay with us, abc news at 4:00 continu
Nov 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
with grief. >> the memorial continues to grow. people who live here in redwood city say peacing by alameda and jefferson was just heart breaking. >> heart breaking. i have a child, a grandson the same age. >> tammy says her grandson went to the same preschool as laila. / of several people who soughttvkz comfort on a facebook page. >> everybody is writing about little things they remember, one little girl said last night we ought to remember to give each other a hug, be grateful we have each other while here. >> police were back at the scene this morning continuing their investigation. laila hit by a truck, riding her bike to school yesterday. police say at this point, it doesn't look like laila, or the driver were at fault. it was just a terrible accident. as classmates try to deal with the tragedy, many of them are wearing blue today. because it was her favorite color. >>wt.s makes your heart feel god for the community that they're gathering together and i think having an appropriate response. but also, reminds us how fragile life is. and how laila will be missedded. >> she says sh sm s
Nov 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
and circuit city. best buy will be put to the test, sales at brick and mortar sales fell by 4.3%. online sales went up 10% this, shift happening throughout retail sector, online sales hit just over $10 billion, up 16% compared to last year, sites expected to ring up $43.5 billion by the end of the holidays up 17% over last year. shoppers are getting more and more savvy. >> if you do research you're going to get the better price. you can find a showroom, go from there. >> dale is the director of retail management institute. >> if they don't offer factors that are important to consumers, more than an online retailer does, then, in fact, the decision will be based on price. >> best buy says it's meeting the challenge, offering better train add associates, specializing in products they sell. >> this goes through training outside of the store for four days then after that, there is continuous training at best buy. asowits do have to get certified in areas. we do have a lot of experts in the store. >>,0bqy best buy says now that amazon is charging sales tax this is the frs time they're in an online
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6